India Post Mail Services

Department of India postal service is 150+ years old organization. Not only in India, but also around the world, it has the biggest delivery network when compare with the other courier companies. It touches the lives of every Indian citizen in the way of delivering mails, banking, insurance, savings accounts and etc. delivery of mail services are the primary services of Indian postal department. The main aim of India post is to provide the high quality mails, parcels, articles and consignments deliveries in India and also in world with speed and reliability. The main different types of mail services of India post are Speed post, Registered post, media pot, logistics post, express parcel, Parcel post and etc. By using the web based or sms based India post tracking tool, the customers can find all the information of the parcel. Its tracking system is India’s best in terms of compare with other courier organizations in India.

Department of India post established lot of value for money basis services to the customers. These services will reach Indian citizens with reliability. Furthermore they are trying to reach the services to the customers with speed and security. Especially it is maintained by Indian Government, so the services between India Government and Indian citizens, it working as main interface.

It main service is delivering mails. These services are furthermore classified into first class mails and second class mails. The first class mails are Post cards, letters and letter cards. And the second class mails are Book Packets, Registered Newspapers, Pattern and Blind literature packets.

The complete information of Department of Indian postal mail services are given below:

india post mail services

Post Card

It is one of the oldest services by Indian postal department. This is used by lot of Indian citizens at early 90’s. But now days, it is almost disappeared. It is simply a card. It is specially designed in some prescribed format and size. It is an open communication.

There are two types of post cards. One is single post card and another one is reply post card. This is transmitted within India only.

  • Single post card – it is attached with a stamp of the prescribed value on it.
  • Reply post card – it has a stamp of the prescribed value impressed on each card.


A letter is enclosed in an envelope and it is sealed. It is also addressed on top. Furthermore it is an open communication. Using this service we can send the post to the recipient by paying post charges or not. If we are not paid the post charges, these charges are collected at the recipient. From the demand of public Indian post office designed these cards to public.

  • More than 2 Kg letters are not allowed.
  • Aerogramme form used for foreign services.
Book Packet

It contains the following materials that will be either blank or printed not bearing any writing.

  • News papers.
  • Publications of all kinds.
  • Printed music books.
  • Paper.
  • Parchment.
  • Cardboard.

Registered Newspapers

This is for magazines and periodicals. And also having the following features, those are:

  • More than 31 days published copies are not allowed.
  • 500 copies at single time.

Speed Post

Speed post is the most successful India Post mails services in India. It is dominating the India’s domestic market industry from last 28 years. No one can beat this. It is the brand of courier industry. Its services are fast, economic and reliable. When you book a time sensitive documents in Speed post, it promises the guaranteed delivery. These guaranteed services are time bound. Almost 35 kg’s weight of letters, documents and parcels are assured guaranteed delivery by Indian post office. With this facility the money transfer is also available in India.

One of the main features is web and sms based speed post tracking system. By using this system the customers can track all the information related to your booked parcel, which is booked via India post office. That means current and delivery status of the booked documents. By using this system you can find your article delivered or not. This tracking information can be finding by using the thirteen digit barcode, which is printed on booking receipt. When you book the article at the nearest post office counter, the staff person will give the booking receipt. Don’t drop this anywhere until the parcel is reach to the destination.

Simply you just went the following methods by step by step, so that you can find the exact location of the consignment.

  • First look at the booking receipt, there you find the consignment tracking number.
  • The consignment number is a thirteen digit barcode. That defines the tracking number.
  • You can also track through SMS service. To track the status of the article type ‘POST TRACK <13 digit article number>’ and send SMS to 166 or 51969.
  • You can also find the consignment status of your article by visiting the nearest post office.

Registered Post or Registration

It transmits articles from one place to other place in India with more security and safety, because the article will pass in different hands of post persons. The booked article will transmits under some special precautions. The articles booked under registered post are given below:

  • Letters.
  • Letter cards.
  • Post Cards.
  • Book and pattern packets.
  • Blind literature packets.
  • Parcels.
  • News Papers.

The department of India post office has made best features of Registered post, those are given below:

  • India postal department will not take any responsibility for the loss of registered article.
  • For any injury of articles during the transmission, India post office is not responsible. So be careful.
  • Once the article booked at post office, it transmitted from origin to destination indifferent times. We can check these details by going India post office official website through online registered post tracking tool.
  • Some special registration envelopes are sold at India post offices. These envelopes are used to cover the injury of Registered Post. So don’t forgot to take the special envelopes.
Blind Literature Packets

India Post office brings some special service to blind people that are blind literature packets. This service is suitable for only those persons, who know ‘Braille’. The material contain under blind literature packets are given below.

  • Any kind of papers.
  • Periodicals.
  • Books and letters.

India Post Features

Some important features of department of India postal service are given below:

  • Recall of articles – This service is best in terms that we can recall if the article is not delivered or destroyed or seized.
  • Window delivery – This service suitable for those persons who are not available at their home during business hours. Then the post men will directly deliver to the recipient address at the window.
  • Identification Cards – These are issued for the tourists, travelling representatives of firms and other members of public of India.
  • Redirection – Recent times Indian postal service introduced one of the best service that is when an article is not delivered at the destination and wants to redirect to another location then the India Post will do the work with free of cost.

Almost from 150years, India post office provides the best, reliable and human touch services to Indian citizens, so it becomes the heart of every Indian customer. It takes every responsibility to reach the customer satisfaction. As explained in this article, the main services of India post are delivering mails, online tracking, insurance, banking and etc. The main advantage of India post is, it is user friendly to customers. Finally it is the sole of Indian citizens.