Registered Post Tracking

Indian postal service comes under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It is a 150+ year’s old and biggest organization in India. Department of India post office established the service of registration, which is considered to be the fastest way to deliver the courier across the world. it improves the best registered post tracking tool by using the latest technology with investing lot of time and money. Using this tracking tool, we can check the current and complete delivery status of a article with utmost accuracy. It is safe, secure and addressee specific.

Department of Indian postal service offers lot of services; they are delivering mails like speed post, registered post, Business post, express parcel, logistics post, media post and etc. And India post also provides the one of the best online tracking tool for those customers, who booked the article at any post office in India and also in world. Indian post is said to be an important service provider in the domestic courier industry with fast, safe, secure delivery of documents or parcels or packages.

Both the registration and speed post tracking are referred to be as same. The registered mail facility by the Indian postal department is considered as leader in the domestic industry for last twenty years. As of the now the cost of this post for the local delivery is INR 12 for up to 50 grams under the scheme value for money. This value will be changed by postal department with or without notification.

Registered post transmits the article with secure. And it passes through all the stages under special precautions. A record is kept at all stages. The Indian postal service is not responsible for any loss or damage of the article. This is solely responsible by the customer. And this risk can be diminished by the use of special registered envelope, which is sold at any post office in India.

registered post tracking

The advantages and disadvantages are given below:

  • Express and fast delivery.
  • Confirmation or status check.
  • National and international network.
  • Real time tracking.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Addressee specific.
  • Guaranteed delivery.
  • Responsive customer care.
  • Safe and secure delivery.
  • Recipient signature is must at the time of delivery.
  • If not the signature of the recipient is available then the article is returned to its booking person.
  • Article delivery time will take almost form 7 to 10 days. It will depend upon the place and current situations of country.

How to Track Registered Post

Registration can be booked at any post office in India. First process is simply visit the nearer post office and submits your parcel at booking counter and after booking the parcel in computer system the post office staff will give a booking receipt. Keep these booking receipt safe until the consignment is reach to the recipient? Then we have to check the parcel in online website of India post, by using the registered post tracking tool for the latest article status information, until the parcel reach the recipient. This tracking process is given below by the following step by step process.

  • First visit the India post official website.
  • Enter the 13 digit consignment tracking number in the registration tracking form, which is printed on the package booking receipt.
  • Now press the ‘Go’ button.
  • Finally, you will get the current status or delivery status of the consignment.
  • Tracking status through SMS – Type ‘POST TRACK <13 digit article number>’ and send SMS to 166 or 51969.
  • SMS charges will applicable as per the service provider.
  • If you face any problem regarding the parcel, then please visit the nearest post office or compliant at online India post web based compliant form.

About Registered Mail or Registration

Registered post is known for most trustworthy service in the regard of convenient and secured delivery of customer’s article. Special records are kept at all stages the article passes through. It is addressee specific, and also the registered articles are transmitted under special precautions. The registered package charges are high compare to other mails like speed post, logistic post, media post and etc. Normally the delivery time will take from 7 to 10 days.

Articles delivered under registered post are letters, letter cards, post cards, book and pattern packets, blind literature packets, credit cards, important documents and etc. Registered package provides extra cover.

Registration is compulsory for the following:

  • Above 4 Kilograms weight parcel.
  • Insured article.
  • Article containing labels, Cheque, Hundi, bank note, bank post bill, bill of exchange.
  • At the top of the cover the word ‘Registered’ is written then the article must go under this.
  • It is most value payable article for the customers.
  • If the article is addressed to some specific places then the customs declaration is must.

Registered post Booking Process

The booking process of a consignment is given below:

  • Visit the post office and submit the parcel at the booking counter.
  • After payment of the fee, a booking receipt will be given for the article.
  • In the booking receipt, you will find the 13 digit consignment tracking number.
  • By using this registered post tracking number, you can find the exact or current status of the article.
  • The main important point is when you booked the article in speed post or registration; don’t forget to write the word ‘REGISTERED’ or ‘SPEED POST’ on the cover.
Difference between Speed Post and Registration

  • Speed post is address specific and registered post is addressee specific.
  • Delivery time of registered post package is slow, when compared to delivery of speed post parcel.
  • Charge of speed post package is very high and charges of registration parcel are low.
  • Registered post provides insurance for booking articles, where as speed post doesn’t provide any insurance.

Department of Indian postal service is the largest postal network in the world. India post is said to be an important service provider in the domestic courier industry with fast, safe, secure delivery of documents or parcels or packages. Registration is the high selling one in Indian post office. Registered post tracking gives the current result of the article with in fast time and transmits the article status result with secure. The article booked under this will passes through all the stages under special precautions. It is one of the best choices of Indian customers.